White Slaves of Chinatown Kickass

White Slaves of Chinatown (1964)


The first in a series of fetishistic mid-'60s exploitation features, White Slaves of Chinatown follows the beautiful, brutal Olga (Audrey Campbell) as she bends and eventually breaks the wills of a group of young female runaways and ex-convicts. Olga procures prostitutes and pushes heroin for the syndicate, confining and torturing her pretty victims in a private dungeon located in New York City's sinister Chinatown. Diplomat's daughter Frenchy is forced to write letters to her father asking for money when she's not squirming topless in her squalid cell. Lola and Collette are subjected to a variety of ordeals including stocks, crucifixions, cigarette burns, and Chinese water torture.

White Slaves of Chinatown Kickass
Kickass Score: 6.7/10 from 3 votes
Release Date: 1964-05-29
Status: Released
Run time: 72 min / 1:12
Production Country: United States of America

White Slaves of Chinatown Casts

Audrey Campbell
as Olga
Marlaina Abbie
as Elaine
Gigi Darlene
as Frenchy
Veronica Bellach
as Vicky
Mitzi Meer
as Lola
Rickey Bell
as Collette
Jimmy Lyons
as Jimmy
Marlene Eck
as Greta
Amy Eden
as Jackie
Joel Holt
as Narrator (voice)

White Slaves of Chinatown Crew

Production George Weiss Producer
Directing Joseph P. Mawra Director
Writing Joseph P. Mawra Writer
Editing Joe Nelson Editor
Camera William Rose Director of Photography