The Detached Mission Kickass

The Detached Mission (1985)


CIA appointed US Army major Jack Hessalt to be in charge of a secret missile base in the Atlantic Ocean. Jack is still troubled by memories of Vietnam, and soon goes berserk, taking control of the base and killing some crew members. Jack and his cronies commandeer a powerful missile and proceed to perform terrorism, but they haven't counted on a rough-n-ready squad of Russian Marines...

The Detached Mission Kickass
Kickass Score: 4.5/10 from 2 votes
Release Date: 1985-06-06
Status: Released
Run time: 96 min / 1:36
Production Studio : Mosfilm
Production Country: Russia

The Detached Mission Casts

Mikhail Nozhkin
as Major Shatokhin
Aleksandr Fatyushin
as Sasha Kruglov
Sergei Nasibov
as Sergei Danilov
Arnis Licitis
as Major Jack Hessalt
Vitaliy Zikora
as Jack Harrison
Oleg Golubitsky
as Admiral Repin
Veronika Izotova
as Caroline Harrison

The Detached Mission Crew

Directing Mikhail Tumanishvili Director
Writing Yevgeni Mesyatsev Writer